I want to write a BIOS debugger.Can you give me some advice?

Adam Sulmicki adam at cfar.umd.edu
Tue Nov 5 05:26:00 CET 2002

> 1. firstly I want to write a debug stub which is INDEPENDENT of specific
> Mainchips, and small enough. The stub can set up a basic environment (
> such as RAM initialization, uart initialization). It can also
> communicate with the develop PC through Serial port,and excute the debug
> command transfered by the develp PC.

I don't belive there's such thing as "chipset independent ram
initalization". other than what what you descriped pretty much summarizes
what LinuxBIOS is.

> 	 2. write a source debugger	.
>                                                      ---------
>                                                     |         |
>      --------------------------       serial port   | develop |
>      | BIOS       |debug stub | ----<---->--------- |   pc    |
> ¡¡¡¡ --------------------------                     -----------
>                                                        | |
>                                                 ------------------
>                 the system figure

have you tried out bochs? It seems to me it may do pretty much what u
want. Although it will put your problem sort of upside down where the
burden will be to ensure accurate hardware representation by bochs.

just my two bits.

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