bios & hpa

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Tue Nov 5 00:58:00 CET 2002

"leslieralph" <leslieralph at> writes:

> Hi Eric,
> my name is Leslie Ralph and for the last twelve months I have been involved in a
> project to build an asset tracking program.
> We are investigating the possiblity at using the HPA ( host protected area) on
> the hard drive to install our software.
> We built the HPA software using all the current standards gathered from T13.
> Our main probelm is finding the best way to sue or change and or patch the bios
> to open the hpa area and to check to see if our software is installed on the
> hard drive if not found re-install it.
> Do you know any person or organisation doing work in this area as far bios stuff
> is concerned.
> I am doing a email request using selected addresses gained from the
> linuxbios-request at list hoping to get some help or pointers
> Kindest Regards
> Leslie David Ralph
> Daywish Pty Ltd
> trading as Asset Auditing and Tracking Software
> A.C.N. 098 273 616
> leslieralph at

Private email like this is not appreciated.
If you want to ask a question please ask it publicly.

As for the HPA.  If my memory serves me correctly you do not need any special
permissions to access it, just a special command or two to the drive.
But I may be thinking of something else.


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