[SeaBIOS] Add support for legacy USB keyboard/mouse (PS/2 emulation for USB?)

Adam Rutkowski a_rutkowski at outlook.com
Sat Apr 16 01:26:43 CEST 2016


I think this is the right place to write about this. From a few days I'm fighting with not USB-aware OS-es in QEMU (like Windows 98, IBM OS/2, MS-DOS etc.). When I assign real USB keyboard and mouse to VM, keyboard partially works in DOS (keys like Alt aren't working), but mouse doesn't work at all. After starting, let's say Windows 98 Setup, keyboard stops working too. From my experience these peripherals works only in newer OSes like Windows 2000+ or Linux, because they initialize their own USB HID driver. I'm not using QEMU's emulated USB HID devices, because I utilize VGA passthrough, so I need direct access from guest machine.

Summarizing: is it possible to add full support for USB keyboard and mouse in SeaBIOS?

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