[SeaBIOS] [coreboot] serial console : no keystroke

Maxime de Roucy maxime.deroucy at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 21:50:07 CET 2015

Le jeudi 20 août 2015 à 14:54 +0300, Kyösti Mälkki a écrit :
> Look for uart_check_keystrokes() under seabios tree of the tarball
> you referenced. You are asking for an extended capability Sage has 
> added to 'SageBIOS' and this feature is not available in upstream 
> SeaBIOS tree.
> Should be fairly straighforward to upstream that, as it appears to be
> all the conditional code under CONFIG_INT16_SERIAL_KEYBOARD.


Thanks for your reply.
Currently I use sgabios as advised by Kevin O'Connor but it would be
great if SeaBIOS could deal with keyboard over serial as a builtin

MAYBE I will try to include the uart_check_keystrockes myself in the
seabios code as you said it's the main fonction for that feature.
But I don't know anything about that kind of environment (serial, very
low level programming…).

But I just brick my apu1d4 trying to understand why I can't see
anything on the console when I run my memtest86+ build.
So I will not be able to test anything before I received the lpc1aapu I
just order to unbrick the board.

By the way if you want to test some coreboot/seabios build/feature on
my apu1d4 it will be with pleasure. As I will soon have a way to
unbrick it if things goes wrong.

> SageBIOS payload extracted from original apu1 firmware might work 
> with keyboard interaction on serial, I don't remember if I ever tried 
> it. Do it this way, and you lack any SeaBIOS updates from last 18 or 
> so months.

It's not very clear for me…
Do you mean Seabios have to be able to handle serial "keyboard input"
for the payload it run to be able to handle it itself ? (I really doubt
about the english rightness of this sentence)

What I mean is : In order for memtest86+ to be able to handle serial
input/output does Seabios have to be able to handle it too ?
If that's the case, does sgabios is a sufficient/working workaround ?

That leads me to another question :
If I disable serial debug output in Seabios and add sgabios to deal
with the serial input/output.
Does sgabios will also handle serial input/output for all the payload
Seabios will launch ?
So, should I enable or disable the serial support on memtest86+,
coreinfo, nvramcui and all the other payload I want to add in the rom ?
Again, thank you for your answer… and in advance thanks for the others
to come :)
Maxime de Roucy
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