[SeaBIOS] new tag request for seabios

Pandey, Sunil K sunil.k.pandey at intel.com
Fri Nov 21 21:03:29 CET 2014

> Is this the only thing preventing compilation on the Intel compiler?
Yes, this is the only problem for Intel compiler.

I can directly use from git checkout but issue is, SeaBios is indirectly included in many other open source applications which is based on SeaBios release tag. Anytime, when I try to compile other open source applications (i.e. Xen), indirectly it try to compile SeaBios and Intel Compiler fail because of this issue.

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On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 07:04:47PM +0000, Pandey, Sunil K wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> Thanks for response. Following are specific change I'm talking about. 
> Compilers are not expected to create .rodata.str1.1, .rodata.__func__ 
> and .rodata.__PRETTY_FUNCTION__.  If compiler decide to use some other 
> .rodata__ suffix name in place of __func__, __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ or 
> str1.1, it breaks the compilation.
> As you can see someone already taken out that check from SeaBios 
> mainline, but still has.  As a result of this assumption, 
> whenever I try to build SeaBios with Intel Compiler it Fail because 
> Intel compiler uses some other character in place of 
> __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ and __func__. It will be great if you can 
> incorporate this fix in released version.

I made that change as part of commit e5749978.  The change was part of a feature enhancement (compiling with -fno-merge-constants).

Is this the only thing preventing compilation on the Intel compiler?

Typically a feature enhancement such as e5749978 would go into the next release, and we're likely a month or so out from the next release.

As Peter mentioned in another email, it should be possible to checkout a git version using the hash instead of a tag name in the interim (eg, "git checkout 9f505f71").


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