[SeaBIOS] SeaBIOS as EFI application

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Wed Nov 7 15:07:50 CET 2012

Peter Stuge <peter <at> stuge.se> writes:

> Thanks for voluntering to do it. ;)

I’m writing bootloaders for BIOS, not for EFI¹.
Which is why I’m asking in the first place ☺

But I might spring a few Euros for it. Probably
not as much as the developer time would be worth
it since I’ve got no company backing, but maybe
that can sweeten the deal.

> Key word (well, acronym): CSM

That one’s not in my² list… which one?

① In fact, I’m mostly clueless about EFI and
  don’t regret that fact.

② https://www.mirbsd.org/wtf.htm


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