[SeaBIOS] [PATCH 3/3] acpi: revert d9f5cdbdf (DSDT: Fix HPET _CRS Method)

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Fri Dec 7 10:24:58 CET 2012

On 12/06/12 21:56, Kevin O'Connor wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 06, 2012 at 06:10:46PM +0100, Alexander Graf wrote:
>> You should be able to poke fw_cfg in the _STA method. The machine
>> file could search its bus on init (or on machine create notify) and
>> populate a fw_cfg variable to indicate whether it found an applesmc.
> I don't think we should access fw_cfg from the AML code.  AML code is
> already too fragile and I think accessing fw_cfg is just going to make
> it worse.

One can poke at the applesmc directly for detection ...


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