[SeaBIOS] Issues with ASRock E350M1

Kevin O'Connor kevin at koconnor.net
Sat May 28 15:57:41 CEST 2011

On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 11:39:51PM -0500, Marshall Buschman wrote:
> Hello:
> I was instructed to send mail to you by Carebear from #coreboot.
> I have some issues to report based on the "Golden Image" I received
> from him, which was created for the ASRock E350M1.
> The first is with hard drive detection - there is a reliability
> problem here - only once out of every 5 to 12 times the machine
> posts will it detect the hard drive successfully.
> The hard drive is a Corsair F120 SSD. I do have another, smaller
> 16GB Kingston SSD I can test with.

Thanks for the report.  Can you send the seabios log - see the
directions at:


A log of a successful case and a failure case would be helpful.

> The second problem is that on booting, GRUB (I do not have the
> version on hand -- whatever gentoo is shipping as stable at this
> point) behaves very, very strangely with my USB keyboard.
> I should point out that it does not work 100% correctly on another
> machine under Fedora's grub, so this may bear further testing with
> another keyboard.
> The following video demonstrates the issue - this is very
> reproduceable (I gave exactly this input on the keyboard: "<down>,
> e, hello there, test, one, two, three", and only once. You can hear
> the clicking of my keyboard.)
> http://www.lucidmachines.com/coreboot/weird-usb-in-grub.avi

Okay - that's really odd.  Can you change the dprintf in
usb-hid.c:handle_key() to use a value of 8 instead of 9 and send the
log as above?  (If you need help with building SeaBIOS, let me know.)

Also, if you can use tools/readserial.py to capture the log (so that
we can see the relative timestamps), that would also help.


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