[SeaBIOS] [Qemu-devel] [BUG] [Seabios] PCI 64bit BARs on Win2008 - unable to start the device. (ACPI lacks the _DSM method)

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Thu Dec 1 12:41:19 CET 2011


>> PCI: map device bus 0, bfd 0x28
>>   bar 0, addr febe0000, size 10000 [mem]
>>   bar 1, addr 0, size 20000000 [mem]
> Somehow seabios didn't recognise the bar correctly it seems (both 512
> and 256 MB cases look the same).  For the 256 MB case seabios should
> have mapped the bar @ 0xe0000000.

... and it should also have figured it is prefetchable memory.  Was pci
config space messed up somehow?  What does 'lspci -v' say once you've
booted the machine with linux?

What qemu version you are running?
What kind of device is this?
Emulated?  Code somewhere?
Or a real device passed through to the guest?


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