[OpenBIOS] Implementing a second return stack

Programmingkid programmingkidx at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 04:11:36 CEST 2016

Mac OS 9 does alter the return stack in OpenBIOS. This is perceived to be unacceptable. The solution to this issue has been stated as implementing a second return stack. This stack would just be an array that implements push and pull calls. 

In the bootinfo_load.c file, in the bootinfo_init_program() function is where the Mac OS 9 boot script is read into memory, into the bootscript variable. What I want to do is replace all >r and r> calls in the bootscript buffer with other words. Something like substitute>r and substitute_r>. These words would use a separate array to push and pop data from. I think this would work because Mac OS 9's boot script only uses the return stack for data storage. Does this sound like the right thing to do?

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