[OpenBIOS] [Qemu-devel] CUDA has problems with Mac OS 10.4

Programmingkid programmingkidx at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 17:25:27 CET 2015

On Nov 11, 2015, at 6:14 PM, BALATON Zoltan wrote:

> On Wed, 11 Nov 2015, Programmingkid wrote:
>> On Nov 11, 2015, at 4:32 PM, Andreas Tobler wrote:
>>>> It looks like you are saying you wish to keep the CUDA device. Mac OS 9 is most
>>>> likely hard coded to expect via-pmu instead of via-cuda on the mac99 target.
>>>> Moving on to via-pmu might make QEMU more compatible with Mac OS 9.
>>>> I will still try your patches. Do you have a repo that I could just clone? It is a
>>>> lot less error prone than patches.
>>> I'd like to keep the CUDA too, FreeBSD PowerPC (32-bit) relies on it. Unfortunately it still doesn't work ... but hope is still here ;)
>> On a new world Mac? I'm thinking a mistake has been made. Maybe you mean via-pmu? According to FreeBSD's website all Macintoshes with a built-in USB port are supported. This would only mean new world Macs and they only have a via-pmu - no cuda device.
> I think you are right that mac99 should have via-pmu instead of cuda but it is not as simple as renaming it in the device tree because it is a different chip which we have no emulation for so first an emulation should be written. It is probably similar enough to cuda so using cuda instead works as long as the OS in only using the main functions. It is also hard to find a documentation on how via-pmu should behave. I've only found this:
> http://mcosre.sourceforge.net/docs/apple_io.html
> which is not very clear or detailed. The only hint from it was that pmu99 uses gpio which I've seen OS-es try to access but I don't know anything on that or what should be emulated for it.

Thank you very much for this information. A quick check of PearPC shows it also uses CUDA, so we can't copy any code for via-pmu.

>>> Mark, is your complete qemu patch available somewhere? Then I could test 32-bit PowerPC on FreeBSD which still hangs on adb... up to now.
>> I'm thinking removing ADB support would fix this problem. Most real new world Macs have no ADB support.
> This may be a good idea to match the hardware we are trying to emulate better but some OSes may depend on ADB for now. I've noticed Finnix had no keyboard in debug mode without ADB (which may be a bug in Finnix, I could not verify if it works on real hardware or has the same problem there).

Interesting. Did you use "-usb -device usb-keyboard" to enable usb support in QEMU when running Finnix? 

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