[OpenBIOS] Local variable support

jimpdavis jimpdavis at gorge.net
Wed Aug 22 04:16:37 CEST 2012

Programmingkid wrote:
> The following code is for the use of local variables in OpenBIOS. I 
> was able to successfully make a word that used local variables. The 
> work isn't complete. There is still work to be done with the INTERPRET 
> word. The LFIND word has be implemented in the INTERPRET word for 
> local variables to be recognized during the compile state. I just need 
> a C-like CONTINUE word to go back to the start of a loop to fix all my 
> problems with INTERPRET. Maybe someone knows a better way of adding 
> I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, or advice for the 
> following code.
Why do you need local variables?

Jim d.

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