[OpenBIOS] Latest SPARC64 & Milax update

Tarl Neustaedter Tarl.Neustaedter at Sun.COM
Sun Jan 3 00:23:25 CET 2010

> Tarl: is this nested boot process something that auto-boot should 
> handle automatically based on various bootarchive properties set by 
> the initial Fcode loader?
Sorry about the delay, I just checked my email.

I don't believe there is anything that should be automatically handled 
by the boot process - when you load /boot-archive, the fcode loaded 
should itself at the end invoke whatever execution method is required. 
My recollection is that boot-archive proceeds to load an ELF file and 
then jumps to that - I can verify that on monday.

Have we verified that OpenBios can jump to a SPARC ELF file?

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