[OpenBIOS] Latest SPARC64 & Milax update

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Sun Jan 3 11:09:39 CET 2010

Igor Kovalenko wrote:

> Seems to be no need to go with assembly yet. With the following change
> you can try executing
> elf-entry @ " (go)" evaluate
> like ppc implementation of 'go' does. It would start executing elf code.
> Unfortunately it would crash with unhandled divide by zero trap
> which I still cannot find a reason for.

This is also assuming that you remove the ofmem_claim() call from 

The link that Blue sent through for the SPARC OF bindings mentions the 
following in section 5.1.2 for ELF executables:

The program image immediately follows the header. After recognizing this 
header, load allocates and maps bf_text + bf_data + bf_bss bytes of 
memory beginning at the address given by bf_origin, moves the program 
image, of size bf_text + bf_data, to that address, and zeroes
bf_bss bytes of memory beginning at bf_origin + bf_text + bf_data.

This does seem to look roughly what happens in elf_loader_init_program() 
to my untrained eye. However the document also references various trap 
table/register setups required as well as interactions between the 
client image and OF which we may be missing.



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