[OpenBIOS] RFC: fcode-utils portability

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Sun Nov 29 13:59:25 CET 2009


When compiling the FCode utils on Mac OS X v10.5 I got an error when  
stripping. A workaround was to run `make STRIP=:`, not stripping at all.

I now figured out that it's about the -s option: -s is short for -- 
strip-all in GNU strip but in Apple's strip -s references a text file  
with a list of symbols to preserve. I didn't spot an obvious  
equivalent to --strip-all.

Since the fcode-utils use pure Makefiles without prior art of platform- 
based decisions, I am wondering how to best supply a patch...

Should the hardcoded -s be moved to a new STRIPFLAGS variable or into  
STRIP itself?
And more important, how would we set either variable based on  
platform? Do we assume GNU make so that we can get the platform via $ 
(shell sh - c 'uname -s 2>/dev/null') or similar, as seen in Git?  
Creating a configure script seems like overkill for such a tiny fix.



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