[OpenBIOS] [sparc64] Problematic pci at 0 and pci nodes in the device tree

Jakub Jermar jakub at jermar.eu
Thu Jan 22 11:52:55 CET 2009

Hi Mark,

Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
> I too am interested in getting Sparc64 working in Qemu in order to 
> resurrect some old Solaris disk images I have here. Can you explain some 
> more about the debugging methods you are using to analyse the forth 
> dictionaries?

I don't inspect the forth dictionaries directly because I am not strong
in Forth. I used indirect methods like starting the sparc64 qemu without
specifying the boot device and then manually navigating myself in the
OpenBIOS device tree using the standard commands such as dev / ls and

The other method was printing the device tree nodes and their properties
as they were discovered by the HelenOS boot loader. The loader uses the
client interface provided by OpenBIOS both to learn about those nodes
and properties and also to print them.

In the case of this particular problem, I simply noticed that the path
used by the screen alias was too ambiguous and the /pci node looked
strange and didn't have any children.


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