[OpenBIOS] Haiku/ppc regression?

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Thu Dec 24 19:16:57 CET 2009

Am 22.12.2009 um 22:48 schrieb Andreas Färber:

> Am 22.12.2009 um 14:36 schrieb Mark Cave-Ayland:
>> an SVN bisect to identify the offending commit would be really handy.

The last two days I bisected within the range r484..r647, with local  
patch for OSX host support. I gave up this endeavor because too many  
commits didn't compile for me at all (including assumed-good r484).
Some worked with powerpc-gnu-linux-* -> powerpc-elf-* symlinks, but  
most failed with type errors. Some compiled but found no secondary  
bootloader. Log attached.

Bisecting did however remind me of a change of the 'ofmem'  
implementation (r521). That might be an explanation why the address  
changed from 0x07d00000 to 0x07f00000, I guess?

As for the problematic memset, is there any way I could try out if  
this is the same issue as with cmd646 or not?

Happy Holidays everyone,


git bisect start
# bad: [eea4d2035dc57bc37e809bc500f07e2ddf981f6a] I accidently set  
props[0] twice instead of going through both elements.
git bisect bad eea4d2035dc57bc37e809bc500f07e2ddf981f6a
# good: [9106d2b2e4ceb94908ce2b72ed3dac9c78f4b5f4] Display more  
information when ?fcode-verbose enabled (Mark Cave-Ayland)
git bisect good 9106d2b2e4ceb94908ce2b72ed3dac9c78f4b5f4
# skip: [cbd2d899e434f89961accf0aeec3499729ea82b5] Allow NULL dlabel  
path argument without accessing page zero.
git bisect skip cbd2d899e434f89961accf0aeec3499729ea82b5
# bad: [bc982d2720dc4c927827629ecf7220d37789c2c0] workaround: fix long  
broken "make run" at least for the case that there's only one target
git bisect bad bc982d2720dc4c927827629ecf7220d37789c2c0
# skip: [58974d230370e9a175ab20f68cabcefac5648a0f] For powerpc, use  
HFSPlus instead of HFS.
git bisect skip 58974d230370e9a175ab20f68cabcefac5648a0f
# skip: [90b6e25c9f3aa7beca4b54a85a16f28348bf6d0f] Fix OpenBSD boot
git bisect skip 90b6e25c9f3aa7beca4b54a85a16f28348bf6d0f
# bad: [fd02afae67c4faf9daca2b47bc3d69b3e5c12ccd] printk() needs  
git bisect bad fd02afae67c4faf9daca2b47bc3d69b3e5c12ccd
# skip: [df0a9a0370f22c4e6c61ea6369ef597ea32c9f75] Sparc64: configure  
screen size from QEMU command line options
git bisect skip df0a9a0370f22c4e6c61ea6369ef597ea32c9f75
# skip: [2dc91a71269804c6e3ba30dd7886fe0cad6226fb] Sparc32/64: omit  
less useful FS modules etc. to reduce size
git bisect skip 2dc91a71269804c6e3ba30dd7886fe0cad6226fb
# skip: [b8fb5aaa87c8b77b026d7464e0fca62ddbe44ebd] ppc: if  
"\:tbxi" (mac) fails, try "ppcootinfo.txt" (chrp).
git bisect skip b8fb5aaa87c8b77b026d7464e0fca62ddbe44ebd
# skip: [5151c2e85350997197ba51d922f6f3d32aa75a17] Sparc64: partially  
revert r515: long long is safer than int64_t
git bisect skip 5151c2e85350997197ba51d922f6f3d32aa75a17
# skip: [0c4862788444361a99699f594f5bf078887600b2] Fix stack protector  
problems with newer GCC versions
git bisect skip 0c4862788444361a99699f594f5bf078887600b2
# skip: [a2c978fa57707c29d216d361537d27845a80cf68] Do not call close- 
deblocker since ob_pci_open did not open it.
git bisect skip a2c978fa57707c29d216d361537d27845a80cf68
# skip: [f2a96d53cf5c27e9cbcfb6e3fbb90f152842f61a] Revert commit of  
local change (sparc-elf / sparc-linux-gnu )
git bisect skip f2a96d53cf5c27e9cbcfb6e3fbb90f152842f61a
# skip: [be9d48809acb6671ee5e9bbeca4e24db09e689b9] extract ofmem  
module implementation (Igor Kovalenko)
git bisect skip be9d48809acb6671ee5e9bbeca4e24db09e689b9
# skip: [63b981573f91b2c4c8c7e3eb1a38b9864abd6e91] Implement /x FCode  
(Mark Cave-Ayland)
git bisect skip 63b981573f91b2c4c8c7e3eb1a38b9864abd6e91
# skip: [cf621aaa47cdf22931a225d8430c6ff56638568e] switch sparc64 to  
ofmem module implementation (Igor Kovalenko)
git bisect skip cf621aaa47cdf22931a225d8430c6ff56638568e
# skip: [4513bf649c169f9413cc00c524fd296f5f7c1293] Implements XCOFF  
loader (to be able to boot Apple BootX bootloader)
git bisect skip 4513bf649c169f9413cc00c524fd296f5f7c1293
# skip: [a09a4edd17ac4f46198b737bbf6bb9c0d1a3af72] Add a .gitignore file
git bisect skip a09a4edd17ac4f46198b737bbf6bb9c0d1a3af72
# skip: [24b422f25cd469c5443ce0fac29588e24c04221a] Fix b(field) Fcode  
evaluation (Mark Cave-Ayland)
git bisect skip 24b422f25cd469c5443ce0fac29588e24c04221a
# skip: [e36dc88ae193fa3dddfdb4ee3fa7b078d473e720] Author: Pavel  
Roskin <proski at gnu.org>
git bisect skip e36dc88ae193fa3dddfdb4ee3fa7b078d473e720
# skip: [6186a5f0e4be8313f02c6231b1ceddabd15370d0] Improve client  
interface debugging
git bisect skip 6186a5f0e4be8313f02c6231b1ceddabd15370d0
# skip: [dc157302a5bb0a1def0b7b12d4cf2bf8379e28e3] This patch modifies  
disk-label.c to not allow to read beyond the selected partition limits.
git bisect skip dc157302a5bb0a1def0b7b12d4cf2bf8379e28e3
# skip: [c1cc2d86555e65157aa72bfb925c9db44dc60954] sparc64 video.pal  
fix memory corruption (Igor Kovalenko)
git bisect skip c1cc2d86555e65157aa72bfb925c9db44dc60954
# skip: [01f7e2a1db890593a3e3f02a0cd10040529ef6e9] There are numerous  
places where using 'ELF_DPRINTF' does not make sense, because the  
loader does not use ELF binaries or is not directly involved in  
loading them.
git bisect skip 01f7e2a1db890593a3e3f02a0cd10040529ef6e9
# skip: [eeb78b40e1a488082c15cc0f3352be236d87dbe0] Don't try to  
configure non-existent BARs of bridge devices
git bisect skip eeb78b40e1a488082c15cc0f3352be236d87dbe0
# skip: [313f2389f2890b4194f71de060e26034aa437a0d] try_chrp_script()  
now accepts a third parameter which indicates the script to be loaded  
and parsed. It will also terminate parsing on the '</chrp-boot>' tag,  
which makes locating embedded data after the script easier.
git bisect skip 313f2389f2890b4194f71de060e26034aa437a0d
# skip: [989464d9428262d8a8b605617809af774a9bfe6e] Revert r505
git bisect skip 989464d9428262d8a8b605617809af774a9bfe6e
# skip: [5ebc1ae203ee31bd09b94afaa2e5eba2feac2d6e] Add DPRINTF() to  
git bisect skip 5ebc1ae203ee31bd09b94afaa2e5eba2feac2d6e
# bad: [13f57423de22897c47aea57e7d05c2482e8eb696] For mac-parts, when  
no partition number is provided, open the first HFS partition (type is  
git bisect bad 13f57423de22897c47aea57e7d05c2482e8eb696
# skip: [a982a1df58ccfd584d497856f41c12df8fd0f57b] switch ppc to ofmem  
module implementation (Igor Kovalenko)
git bisect skip a982a1df58ccfd584d497856f41c12df8fd0f57b
# skip: [4490121a0fd64d6ec6ef155524e3ae65e07f43c8] Fix most Sparc64  
warnings from Sparse
git bisect skip 4490121a0fd64d6ec6ef155524e3ae65e07f43c8
# skip: [bfee9257e26249644166b043b51df4058f01007a] Save locked tlb  
space by aligning to 512k pages.
git bisect skip bfee9257e26249644166b043b51df4058f01007a
# skip: [70f76de21f0e60fb2a822327cb7c465891058e4e] Fix Unix target  
warnings from Sparse
git bisect skip 70f76de21f0e60fb2a822327cb7c465891058e4e
# skip: [248153925f84ad04820d48c81f48b52ab76560fa] Some gcc versions  
need __negti2
git bisect skip 248153925f84ad04820d48c81f48b52ab76560fa
# skip: [9fb7d063534ab23fcdee0b9d4bce160914336f3b] Fix most x86  
warnings from Sparse
git bisect skip 9fb7d063534ab23fcdee0b9d4bce160914336f3b
# skip: [7aad9efc1cda7603fda791a916329d7b9849edf3] We can select cpu  
using unit number instead of name, for instance we can use "dev /cpus/ 
@0" instead of "dev /cpus/PowerPC,750". This notation is used in  
Fedora bootscript to know if the CPU is 64-bit or 32-bit: it looks at  
"64-bit" property of first available CPUS ("@0").
git bisect skip 7aad9efc1cda7603fda791a916329d7b9849edf3

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