[OpenBIOS] Filo problems booting El Torito (LiveCD) CD-ROMS?

Torsten Duwe duwe at lst.de
Mon Jan 29 11:01:33 CET 2007

On Monday 29 January 2007 06:32, roger wrote:
> Could it be I'm just having problems using Linuxbios & Filo under Qemu
> emulation instead of actually booting from a flash device?

That would be a qemu bug ;) But I don't think so.

> atapi_detect_medium: block_len=2048
> atapi_detect_medium: sectors=520415
> 1016MB medium detected
> open_pc_partition: pc partition magic number not found
> open_eltorito_image: El-Torito boot catalog at sector 53
> open_eltorito_image: id=''
> Disc doesn't use boot disk emulation
> devopen: can't open partition 1

That doesn't look too bad. DVD was found and el Torrito recognised.
However, besides the menu thing that hardly anyone uses, there's 3 and a half 
different ways to boot el Torrito: Floppy emulation, hard disk emulation 
and "No Emulation", the latter with some BIOSes loading the whole file 
specified, and others only the first 2k block.

No emulation, one 2k block is what windoze install CDs use, and hence that is 
all that krufty legacy BIOS vendors test. Looks like OpenBIOS doesn't support 
that yet.

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