[OpenBIOS] Filo problems booting El Torito (LiveCD) CD-ROMS?

roger roger at eskimo.com
Mon Jan 29 09:46:10 CET 2007

I forgot to mention, I am successfully loading a cdrom if I specify the
kernel on the cdrom ie. boot: hdc:/isolinux/vmlinuz.

However, I have a feeling Filo should be auto loading the El Torito
CDROM after finding the catalog file?

On Sun, 2007-01-28 at 21:32 -0800, roger wrote:
> Could it be I'm just having problems using Linuxbios & Filo under Qemu
> emulation instead of actually booting from a flash device?
> Anyways, here's my debug info:
> I'm successfully using Qemu to load Linuxbios with a filo payload
> specifying "hdc1" as my CD-ROM device within the Filo Config file.

Key fingerprint = 8977 A252 2623 F567 70CD 1261 640F C963 1005 1D61

Mon Jan 29 00:45:41 PST 2007

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