[OpenBIOS] Numerous problems running Makefile for sparc32 target

Armistead, Jason Jason.Armistead at otis.com
Fri Jun 9 15:11:24 CEST 2006

Taking the current snapshot from the OpenBIOS web site, I get a few problems
trying to build OpenBIOS for sparc32 as per the README file.  I am using
Solaris 10 on Sparc64 (Enterprise 220R) with GCC 3.4.3

1. Permissions in the config/scripts directory do not have execute "x" bit
set.  I needed to do a

chmod 755 config/scripts/*

to fix this.  Otherwise I can't get past the first step in the README file
of running

config/scripts/switch-arch sparc32

2. The Makefile uses $(PWD) which is not available under "sh" shell.  To get
this to work right you apparently need bash shell.  Without it, the line

@ln -s $(PWD)/include/$(ARCH) $(ODIR)/target/include/asm

for the "directories" target actually links to /include/$(ARCH) because
$(PWD) is an empty string.  This of course causes the make process to fail
hopelessly because the links aren't established correctly.  So, there should
be a note in the README warning about this, or else the Makefile needs to be
more tolerant.  I've built a lot of open source software lately as I have
been configuring my Enterprise 220R box, and OpenBIOS is the only package so
far that has failed because the shell for make was sh.  Maybe bash has
become the de-facto standard shell on Linux, but on Solaris it's sh by
default, and on MinGW, it is also sh.

3. Even with all that done, I am still getting problems, this time running
make gives

bash-3.00# make
Building OpenBIOS on sparc64 for sparc32
Cleaning up... ok
Initializing build tree...ok.
Creating target Makefile...ok.
Creating config files...ok.
make[1]: Entering directory `/software/source/openbios-devel'
BITWIDTH -USWAP_ENDIANNESS -Iinclude -Ikernel/include
-Iobj-sparc32/target/include -c -o obj-sparc32/host/kernel/bootstrap.o
In file included from include/openbios/sysinclude.h:5,
                 from kernel/bootstrap.c:9:
obj-sparc32/target/include/asm/types.h:18:20: endian.h: No such file or
make[1]: *** [obj-sparc32/host/kernel/bootstrap.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/software/source/openbios-devel'

In other words, now endian.h is missing.

The only place I could find it was

bash-3.00# find ./ -name endian.h

Now, according to mconfig.h, we have

/* Define to 1 if you have the <endian.h> header file. */
#define HAVE_ENDIAN_H 1

so it should be doing a

#include <endian.h>

in types.h

Doing a

cp -p utils/ofclient/endian.h kernel/include

fixes the problem and I get a bit further

4. Now I get

gcc -Wa,-xarch=v8 -Wa,-32 -m32 -mcpu=supersparc $EXTRACFLAGS -Os -Wall -W
ecls -Wshadow -Wpointer-arith -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-declarations
 -Wendif-labels -Wstrict-aliasing -Iinclude -Ikernel/include
t/include -c -o obj-sparc32/target/drivers/iommu.o drivers/iommu.c
drivers/iommu.c:15:21: asm/asi.h: No such file or directory

Again, another reference to an include file under
obj-sparc32/target/include/asm is missing.

The asi.h file can be found under arch/sparc32 directory.  Maybe we need a
filesystem link added or else to copy asi.h or change the #include reference
in iommu.c

5. Finally, GCC is picking up on lots of unused variables.  Do we  need to
review the build.log files and do a bit of spring cleaning ?

Anyhow, that's a long enough e-mail for now.

Comments please !



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