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vasadia dharmendra vasadia.bios at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 12:51:56 CET 2006

Hi All,

I am new to this field. we are developing a embedded PC based on Celeron PC
of 1 GHZ frequency. i have following queries regarding BISO

1. If I am new, how long it takes to write BIOS for embedded PC?
2. What knowledge is need to write BISO?
3. Suppose i purchase BIOS from AMI, Award or Phoenix, do i customize BIOS
according to my Board.
4. What tools are needed to write BIOS?
5. From where do i get complete understating of BIOS?
6.I have ARM7 LPC Board. Can I write Sample BIOS for this Board?
7. What is difference between BIOS and Boot Loader?

I would be very much grateful if any body address this questions

Lots of  thanks in advance

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