[OpenBIOS] bk openbios questions.

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Wed Feb 4 17:29:41 CET 2004

Hi Cristian,

> I played a little bit with today's bk tree, remarked that has lots of
> feauters and lots of intentions like ide driver.
> I use grub to play with, but remarked that there is a lot of
> dictionary, not only the "unix.dict" wich appeal from Makefile via
> "make run".  My question is how can i load via grub all dictionaries,
> or more than one ? (or i ask stupid thing ?)

The bootstrap process of OpenBIOS works like this:

 * build a minimum Forth interpreter in C.
 * build bootstrap dictionary.
 * use bootstrap dictionary as forth interpreter to compile all the
   other forth code
To keep things modular, a dictionary can be enhanced by loading it,
adding code, and saving it again. This results in several dictionaries
being built during the build process. You only need the last one.

For x86 machines, this is arch/x86/.objs-x86/x86.dict. If you want to
run OpenBIOS with "make run" you use unix.dict. 

The two dictionaries have different driver sets compiled in that contain
adaptions for running on pure hardware or on top of an OS.

> My second question is how can i convince via grub that openbios
> to use framebuffer ?  I try to make menuconfig and select qt
> plugin but only VGA console will appear no framebuffer, must
> pass some extra thing for that ? 

the qt plugin is incomplete yet and currently not working. Sorry.


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