[OpenBIOS] $find

Segher Boessenkool segher at chello.nl
Sun Jun 30 14:04:24 CEST 2002

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> * Segher Boessenkool <segher at chello.nl> [020628 15:08]:
> > > SEE still needs the word's name, which is ugly to get when you have
> > > the XT only.
> >
> > SEE ( "name< >" -- )
> > $SEE ( name name-len -- )
> > (SEE) ( xt -- )
> >
> > SEE and $SEE -- I think it's quite easy to get the word's name here ;)
> >
> > (SEE) can't in general find the name.
> I am not talking about the word you want to see, but the words that are
> compiled into this word's CFA. There you only have a pointer to another
> CFA, but NOT to the word's header.

Ah okie.  True.  Will fix.

> > FWIW, I'm getting rid of COMPILE-ONLY altogether; and there'll be a separate
> > FCode-immediate (and probably not in the word's flags, but in the fcode table).
> I agree, COMPILE-ONLY is somewhat duplicate with IMMEDIATE anyways as it
> is nothing but an immediate word with no interpretion functionality.
> But why add yet another flag for FCode? What should that be good for?

COMPILE-ONLY is separate from IMMEDIATE; there's also (at least one)
COMPILE-ONLY word that isn't IMMEDIATE.  COMPILE-ONLY just means that
the interpreter will complain if you try to use the word while STATE
is OFF .

I think we'll be able to cope without an FCODE-IMMEDIATE flag as well; I
think all FCode's with special compilation semantics are separate from
normal Forth words anyway, so IMMEDIATE will do fine.

Anyway, I might give in and put the FCode in the words' headers.  We'll see...



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