[OpenBIOS] compiler speed

Stefan Reinauer stepan at suse.de
Mon Jun 24 12:52:11 CEST 2002

* Klaus Seegebarth <kseege at t-online.de> [020624 10:06]:
> As all my computers live inside a machine in a production
> environment, the 3 most important items for me are reliability,
> reliability and reliability. A major influence on reliability
> is the amount of energy consumed, so what i am really interested in
> is a gcc-switch, which optimizes to minimum energy per task.
> A faster completion of a task only leads to longer idle periods :-)
this is true in embedded systems for all tasks except booting.
There it means in case of a failure you can reduce the time until the
machine is able to fulfill it's tasks in 22% less time.
Still it's easy to outperform most of the commercial firmware stuff
without problems.


The x86 isn't all that complex - it just doesn't make a lot of
sense.          -- Mike Johnson, Leader of 80x86 Design at AMD
	                          Microprocessor Report (1994)
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