[OpenBIOS] Kickstarting a revolution ...

Armin Herbert jolo at ph-freiburg.de
Fri Dec 21 16:44:44 CET 2001

Hi James,

on Wed, 19 Dec 2001 16:36 GMT James Logan wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone would be putting together
> a task list and requesting developers to work on
> certain aspects? Basically, what can I do to help?

I suggest you join us on irc - openproject servers, #openbios channel, at 
daytime (gmt). And after xmas :) I think it's quite good to have an online 
chat about  it, so people can get the big picture by asking questions and 
discussing etc.

Armin Herbert		herbert at ph-freiburg.de

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 I'm not bothered what people call it, they
 can name it 'wuggywugwug software' for all
 I care."
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