[OpenBIOS] Platform for the OPENBIOS question

Stefan Reinauer stepan at suse.de
Wed Aug 22 23:31:08 CEST 2001

* Ronald G Minnich <rminnich at lanl.gov> [010822 18:05]:
> it is soldered. You have to be really careful.
> You did try flipping sw3 jp8? you should be able to recover. Where in
> flash did you put linuxbios?

yes, unfortunately the board did not react in any way on the setting of sw3
jp8. it still came up with the linuxbios serial output. Stupid me assumed
that the flash is scanned for an elf image, without reading the code diligently
enough. Instead the code expected 2 linuxbioses in blocks 0 and 1, and the
kernels starting from block 2, so linuxbios stopped whith an illegal elf
header message. Seems I unlearned being careful a bit when i did all the flash
hot swapping for /dev/bios.

> > Are there any sis 630 boards you can recommend? As LinuxBIOS supports loading
> > ELF images over network now, I'd like to stay away from using DOC parts.
> if you're going to use elfboot over the net, almost anything but ASUS
> should work.

I found on the Linuxbios homepage that ASUS uses the wrong flash parts. Iirc
I flashed some bioses on asus boards using /dev/bios. Is the 440GX problem
still alife, too? If it helps, I could try to get that hardware supported by
/dev/bios since I want to develop the driver towards being a universal flasher
tool for Linux. 

> sdram was always supported. I must have said something wrong. It's just a
> real mess to get right for different chipsets.

Maybe I got it wrong.. Then I'll try to work myself into the MVP3 specs again
and see how far I come.


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