[OpenBIOS] New power-up graphics BIOS.

Jamie Stanley jamie at systolix.co.uk
Fri Aug 17 11:39:12 CEST 2001

Hi there, 

Was wondering if I could help! At present (too be honest) not too 
familiar with the OpenBios stuff! But I know its sommit Id like to get into

As for references - I am a software engineer (www.systolix.co.uk) and so
be able to contribute in some way ;)

let me know.

cheers - Jamie.

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I am using a reference book on the VESA SVGA standard version 1.1 as a
source of code snippets etc:

EGA/VGA: A programmer's reference guide
By Bradley Dyck Kliewer
McGraw Hill Publishers.

I know this is really retro, but if we can stick to code which is a little
way back down the evolutionary tree of hardware, we might be able to create
'instant' graphics from the BIOS.

What would be crucial is some sort of power-up self-testing function, that
determines what kind of SVGA chipset is present, (only the largest families
considered),  and applies different code for each chipset.

Clearly this would be much better hand-coded in C++ rather than assembler;
lest things get icky.

All the best,

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SVGA may be standard, but which chip-set are you using ?

The system setup can be highly unique for each CPU (PII, PIII, Celeron,
Ultra-Low Power, etc),
"co-processor" (440BX, 440TX, et. al.) and/or Super I/O....
These devices must be initialized before DRAM, PCI bus, etc will get
started, even before the Video driver is loaded.

Interested observer....


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