[OpenBIOS] Graphics mode bios

zechmer cu0815 at compuserve.de
Fri Aug 17 09:03:07 CEST 2001

Hello Gavin,

yes I really would assist/participate in your project - if I could.
What you're describing is my dream for years now.
Unfortunately I have to finish my studies first, but
I would be very glad if you could mail me your progess.
I once started writing my own BIOS which started already in
graphics (hercules monochrome graphics) mode back in the 1980's [pure
I gave it up, because I couldn't init the keyboard correctly.
Each time I requested port 60h it didn't leave anything there.
Later I implemented the keyboard code from linux but this
didn't help me and the 286 board at all.
This was so frustrating, that I gave it up.
Perhaps some suggestions?
    - most of the bios code should be packed.
    - I once had the idea of a huffman source code packer.
        it should get the mostly used (ASM) instructions from the source and
        pack it all.
How do you plan to start the whole thing up?
In real, protected or in flat (which I think linux uses and is perhaps the
best for your purpus) memory mode?
Which tools you're planning to use? [the gcc for most of the code,...?]
How do you plan compatibility [to IBM standard BIOS]?
Well you see, I've got tons of questions (and ideas).
I would be very glad, if we could stay in contact.
See you.


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