[OpenBIOS] Re: [fb-d] closer ...

James james at tbp.berkeley.edu
Wed May 3 14:36:40 CEST 2000

  What is the exact motherboard you are using (still the Intel, right?)?  
I know where to find the disable in the manual, so I'm going to just go
grab the manual online.
	- James

> > Ron, more seriously, there is a "VGA Disable" or "Video Disable" on the
> > L440GX+ or whatever that mainboard was we were working on earlier; that
> > should allow you to plug in a second PCI video card.
> I can't find any disable. Any better hints? 
> > Or: Many ATI cards that I've seen have a "BIOS disable" jumper on
> > themselves (I would presume Matrox cards would do this too so you can run
> > multiheaded).  If you short that, the PC BIOS won't see the ATI card at
> > all.
> I'll check that too.
> ron

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