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Jeff Garzik jgarzik at mandrakesoft.com
Wed May 3 17:57:28 CEST 2000

James wrote:
> > Also trying to get cl gd5480 up. Jeff, turns out on the L440GX if you plug
> > in a PCI video card the bios will execute a HLT. Yep, can't have two video
> > cards. Wonder why Intel did this?
> I love Intel.
> Ron, more seriously, there is a "VGA Disable" or "Video Disable" on the
> L440GX+ or whatever that mainboard was we were working on earlier; that
> should allow you to plug in a second PCI video card.
> Or: Many ATI cards that I've seen have a "BIOS disable" jumper on
> themselves (I would presume Matrox cards would do this too so you can run
> multiheaded).  If you short that, the PC BIOS won't see the ATI card at
> all.
> Either of these solutions will be easier than getting the Cirrus up; I
> would suggest flipping the motherboard jumper.
> I think Intel designed it like that because there is a single space where
> all the video card stuff goes, but I'm not sure...

Yep, sounds like you are right on the money.

Since the GD5480 is built into the motherboard, you have to disable it
before you can use a PCI video card.

For the Intel BIOS, there should be a switch somewhere in BIOS setup
typically.  If it's an older motherboard, there is probably a jumper.

For linuxbios/freebios, simply avoiding the Cirrus video BIOS init
should be sufficient I would think.  (though make sure to disable the
Cirrus's PCI MMIO and I/O regions)


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