[OpenBIOS] STPC BIOS sources posted

Jaime Dias mbu at sol.com.br
Thu Mar 2 15:04:06 CET 2000

> > Other than copyright questions STP pretty much is laid out (in how it
> > works) just like I want. No NASM at all. Get memory going, get into
> > mode, get into C in short order. It's really a good design.
> > 

"> I don't understand why you can't use directly vga cards bios????? I
didn't mean computers
> bios! Is there something memory stuff why we can't use cards bios? I can
browse my old
> source archives to find my old vesa code (It worked with and without

We cannot because:
1) vga BIOS often uses main BIOS for some things,
2) vga BIOS is a 16bit code and AROS uses 32bit code (first 4 kb - the
bootsector and setup file are in 16bit)
3) We have destroyed BIOS area in memory because we keep there other
4) calling ANY bios (16 bit) would destroy multitasking and slow
performance down a lot."

well i accept suggestions, anyway to improve this to take use of bios
(openbios) ?

thanks in advance,
jaime dias

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