[OpenBIOS] Toolz

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Thu Mar 16 19:46:34 CET 2000


Does anyone on this project have access to a rom burner and a pile of roms?
If I were to write a ROM, who would I send it to for burning?

we should most certainly select a standard hardware configuration/chipset and
develop a single bios for that and then specify a standard firmware interface
that we can port to other platforms. =)

I have a 386DX (fully functional) and a 386SX/EGA (which can be activated for
a modest ammount of money). Also a 486 class system will soon become
available, it will require $80 for a new processor...  I reccomend an older
platform because it would be far simpler to write a firmawer for it. and it
still has all the important features that we need. =) Anyway... This project
can't get anywere without the neccessary toolz. =( 

I would most eagerly like to discuss how this project should be arranged. 

The federal government:
1. If you take our money, we will tell you how to run your business.
2. You will take our money.
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