[OpenBIOS] Starting Linux from the C environment

Stawnyczy, Evan EStawnyczy at geo-logistics.com
Mon Jan 31 14:37:50 CET 2000

then is OpenBIOS going to include a bootloader?

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"Stawnyczy, Evan" wrote:

> well this was my argument in the begining, we should allow this BIOS to
> support "REAL" bios calls like int 13 and int 10...  if you include basic
> BIOS functionality, you can allow any "decent" operating system to
> startup...  including LILO

Ahh but if I remember back at the beginning of the list the point of
was to get rid of the BIOS calls and boot 32bit OS's in 32bit mode, the
being that most OS's don't use the BIOS calls, except when first
Of course that concept can deliver a whole new selection of problems...
leave the rest to you .. ;-)



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Booting (as in: the computer): applying a size 16 Doc Martins to the system
unit after it keeps telling
you there is not enough memory to open the application.

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