[OpenBIOS] Starting Linux from the C environment

Winter Jörg joerg.winter at disch-gmbh.de
Mon Jan 31 16:53:49 CET 2000

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> Betreff: 	RE: [OpenBIOS] Fine.
> my understanding of lilo is that if you place it on the boot sector, you
> can
> load the boot sector to a point in memory (I cannot recall exactly where
> right now, you can email me farther if you need to) and simply jmp to it.
> Actually all boot sectors work the same way...
	Basicly you are right. But lilo makes extensive use of *real* BIOS
functions like int13, int10, int16, and some strange
int15-shift-this-memory-to-ems function that I forgot the functioncode of.

	I´d rather do this in C and burn a barebone Kernel onto my Disk ...
	But I´m not sure if I kill my own running environment by copying a
Kernel to mem at 0x10000. Furthermore I have no idea if the
segment-deskriptor-setup is suitable for an immediate start of a kernel
image ...

	I´ll try this tomorrow and keep you up to date if I succeed on this

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