[OpenBIOS] Re: [fb-d] linuxbios release

Johan Rydberg johan.rydberg at netinsight.se
Tue Apr 25 11:00:36 CEST 2000

Ronald G Minnich wrote:
> OK, I got the release today. I have to put copyright notices in some
> things and then I can put it on the web page.
> I am going to put out the "very pre-alpha" version. This is clearly not
> ready for prime-time use, and you really need to have an ICE to get work
> done. But I believe getting something on the page is better than any more
> waiting. Please don't mess with this thing unless you're set up to do
> so. You need a way to burn the NVRAM, you need an ICE, and you need some
> expertise -- this isn't a red hat install!
> I was hoping to put out a full booting version but PCI is being a pain. I
> want to get it configured in a way that works long term. It really does
> seem that 2.3.99pre5 is just about there in being able to set up pci, but
> it has a few bugs yet. I am pursuing fixing those bugs.

My PCI initialization code seemed to work before.  Do you now that the
problem is?  Isn't the memory areas initialized correctly or what?

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