[OpenBIOS] OK, version -1 is there.

Ronald G Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Tue Apr 25 23:03:56 CEST 2000

www.acl.lanl.gov/linuxbios, just suck down the link in the latest news (in
10-15 minutes or so ... it gets copied out via crond). 

A few notes: 
1) Don't even bother getting it unless you are comfortable with 
   assembly code and hardware
2) I only support two motherboards. PLEASE read the notes in
bios/freebios. To make a linuxbios for one of the two supported
motherboards, you:

cd bios/freebios/linuxbios/L440GX

cd bios/freebios/linuxbios/SIS630

Now, for L440GX, it can build  a set of files to be loaded onto the Intel
phlash disk. You need to get that disk first. You need to learn now to
'recovery load' a bios. If you don't have an Arium or other ICE, you're

For the SIS630, it builds a 512K rom image that you burn with a burner. In
each directory there are ROOTDOIT scripts to show you what happens next. 

Please follow this structure! It makes it simpler to host multiple
motherboards. There are some subtleties in places, feel free to ask

linuxbios is now hosted from majordomo at lanl.gov, and is open to all to
join. Feel free to join if your main interest in this is linuxbios. 

questions to me. 

Current issues: SDRAM config on L440GX and SIS630. PCI config. 

But it is *close*. 


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