[OpenBIOS] Project split. (Let's get working)

Benjamin Scott hawk at ttlc.net
Sun Mar 1 11:40:51 CET 1998

Dave Cinege <dcinege at psychosis.com> wrote:
DC> The boot loader team can start coding NOW. 
DC> The very attractive side result is we end up with a seperate system
usable by
DC> people that do not or can not use our (right now non existant) BIOS.
DC> IMO we should just start hacking at GRUB. 

  Hmmm... yeah... it seems "less then elegant" at first glance, but has
the distinct advantage of actually working.  :-)  And you're right in
that getting us a better boot loader, independent of location (disk or
flash) would be nice no matter what.  My only suggestion: Don't be
afraid to scrap large parts of code from GRUB if needed.  Remember the
maxim, "Be prepared to write every program at least twice."  :-)

							-- Ben

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