[OpenBIOS] Project split. (Let's get working)

Chris Arguin cpa at hopper.unh.edu
Sun Mar 1 18:15:09 CET 1998

On Sun, 1 Mar 1998, Dave Cinege wrote:

> OK, enough screwing around.

Here here... We can always argue *while* working :)

> My proposal:
> Split the project into 2 working areas...
> Boot loader

> The BIOS team can sort the rest of this shit out later. Even if
> part/most/whatever of the boot code needs to be redone, what will remain are all 
> the real mode utils (IE chain type loaders) left over from the boot system.

So what exactly is the core BIOS team working on? As I see it

Hardware initialization (to conservative parameters to start with)
Providing Interrupt services
Starting the Bootloader

For the various chipsets around the first part will differ wildly, so we
will have to devise some scheme of choosing which chipset to compile it.
Interrupt services will initially, I guess, come from Boch. The bootloader
will basically work as it does in current BIOS.

Count me in on the BIOS team I guess. 

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