[flashrom] Flashing iPXE on Intel i210 on Supermicro X11SSL-F

Bill Paul wpaul at windriver.com
Tue Mar 6 19:52:23 CET 2018

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, Alex Henderson had to 
walk into mine at 09:08 on Tuesday 06 March 2018 and say:

> Vadim:
> 	Usually programming the firmware ROMs for Intel NICs requires software
> from Intel.
> https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000005790/softwar
> e/manageability-products.html may do the trick. Alex

Yeah, except Intel's tools only support ROM images generated by Intel and 
stored in their magic file format. You can't use them to flash your own custom 
images. You can only do that with flashrom. :)

The problem here is that flashrom has to know the flash programming interface 
used on the NIC, and sadly they aren't all the same. When I tried it, I used 
an 82574L card. At the time it was not supported. However, the 82574 uses the 
same programming interface as the 82571, which _was_ supported, so making it 
work was just a matter of adding the 82574's device ID to the right table in 

You can attempt to do the same thing with the i210, but I don't know offhand 
if that will work. If it doesn't, then you'll have to download the programming 
manual for the i210 and add a new programming algorithm to flashrom.


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> Dear list,
> I'm curious to know if it is possible to flash iPXE to these nics.
> PCI-Id is listed in supported devices - 8086:1533 .
> [root at urzospoc01 src]# flashrom -p nicintel_eeprom:pci=01:00.0 flashrom
> v1.0 on Linux 3.10.0-693.17.1.el7.x86_64 (x86_64) flashrom is free
> software, get the source code at https://flashrom.org
> Using clock_gettime for delay loops (clk_id: 1, resolution: 1ns).
> Found Programmer flash chip "Opaque flash chip" (4 kB,
> Programmer-specific) on nicintel_eeprom.
> No operations were specified.
> When i build a rom for this specific nic the file has a size of 70kB.
> Is there a way to get this rom to the nics?
> Cheers,
> Vadim
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