[flashrom] please reject my two previous letters

Boris Baykov dev at borisbaykov.com
Fri Jan 9 23:34:34 CET 2015

> On Fri, 9 Jan 2015 23:54:28 +0300
> Boris Baykov <dev at borisbaykov.com> wrote:

>> Ok, in my next letter I'll sent the patch to the current revision as attach
>> in bzip2 because my mail system completely doesn't want to send the patch
>> without changing tabs to spaces or wrapping strings.

> OK!

>> Please explain how is better to split this patch to make it easy for review.

> We want to verify all changes to flashrom in quite some detail to keep
> it as stable as it is. A single huge patch like yours takes a very long
> time to fully understand. It is probably not even possible to review
> such a big change in one go without making some mistakes or overlook
> error of the original author. Smaller independent patches could be
> reviewed entirely without getting too much of a headache. Does that
> make sense to you?

> Of course it is a lot of work to split an existing patch into smaller
> standalone bits... so maybe, if you would really like to do that, it
> would be better to wait for a first feedback from us... we will
> probably like you to change a few things anyway. Of course you are not
> obliged to do anything at all if you don't want to, we are grateful for
> your patch as it is... :)

I've just sent the patch to Mailing List as an attach and checked it there.

To make the review easy I've carefully inspected all my changes and noticed
each change in the patch description. Also I added detailed comments near
almost all of changes. There we have 10 files changed and 2 files added.

Unfortunately I can't imagine how to split this patch in parts because all
the patch logically has one idea and that's why my changes in different
files are connected to other changes and they work together.

Probably I might split it by files and produce 10 patch files but I
don't really think that it's a good idea. In other case we can have
a situation were some files would be changed and others don't. It can make
source uncompilable and cause more troubles.

Also we can split this long text by several letters as it is without rebuild
of the patch. It's significantly easier then to divide the patch into
several patches :-)

I'm happy to add my part to such good and well known project like Flashrom.
So, any questions about the patch are welcome :-)


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