[flashrom] Added chipsets

Николай Николаев evrinoma at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 14:54:44 CET 2013

Added chipsets:
Eon EN25S64
Eon EN25S10
Eon EN25S20
Eon EN25S40
Eon EN25S80
Eon EN25QH256
Eon EN25QH128
Eon EN25S32
Eon EN25S16
GigaDevice GD25Q10
GigaDevice GD25Q512
GigaDevice GD25Q128B
Numonyx (Micron) N25Q128A13
Numonyx (Micron) N25Q128A11
Numonyx (Micron) N25Q256A11
Numonyx (Micron) N25Q256A13
Numonyx (Micron) N25Q512A11
Numonyx (Micron) N25Q512A13
Numonyx (Micron) N25Q00AA13
Numonyx (Micron) M25PX80
Numonyx (Micron) M45PE16
Numonyx (Micron) M45PE80
Numonyx (Micron) M45PE40
Numonyx (Micron) M45PE10
Numonyx (Micron) M45PE20
Sanyo LE25FW403A
Sanyo LE25FW418A
Sanyo LE25FW806
Sanyo LE25FW808
Spansion S25FL204K
Spansion S25FL128S
Spansion S25FL256S
Spansion S25FL512S
Spansion S25FL208K
Spansion S25FL116K
Fixed wrong description for
Sanyo LE25FW203A

With best regards Nikolay Nikolaev
С Уважением Николаев Николай
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