[flashrom] Report on Flashing Board with Intel H67

Peter A. Braun peter.braun at pab-braun.de
Wed Jan 11 03:40:28 CET 2012


last night I flashed my MSI H67MA-ED55(B3) with E7676IMS170. As the name
says Intel 
H67 is the 
built in chipset. Flash chip is W25Q64. The flash process worked fine for

Two things are a bit strange. Currently I try to investigate the reasons
for. Perhaps you have any suggestions.



Sys fans cannot longer be controlled, because according BIOS parameters are
not longer accessible. Currently I don't know how to get them back.



After cold booting the disabled "Full Screen Logo Display" is enabled again.
It seems to be the default. But other boot parameter are not changed back to

I attached the result of "flashrom -V" (result.txt).

I hope results are detailed enough to switch entry H67 in your hardware list

onto tested.

Best regards,


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