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2010/9/26 Cam K <energySpecialties at shaw.ca>


Can you actually put OPERATING instructions at the page....
> http://flashrom.org/trac/flashrom/browser/trunk/flashrom.8

Assuming you have found the trac url: there is a README.

> PLEASE!!! all the instruction links lead to that useless page, where
> there is only a glossary of commands and descriptions of their functions
> That is already included clearly within the TEXT file "flashrom.8"
> within the program (no need to regurgitate it under the guise of
> instructions)

What are the improvements you propose :) ?

> I cant get the utility to load or run, I can't tell if the download even
> worked properly. Simply..... how or where do I run the utility?

$ flashrom --help
flashrom v0.9.2-r1181 on Linux 2.6.35-ARCH (i686), built with libpci 3.1.7,
GCC 4.5.1, little endian
flashrom is free software, get the source code at http://www.flashrom.org

Usage: flashrom [-n] [-V] [-f] [-h|-R|-L|-E|-r <file>|-w <file>|-v <file>]
       [-c <chipname>] [-m [<vendor>:]<part>] [-l <file>]
       [-i <image>] [-p <programmername>[:<parameters>]]

Please note that the command line interface for flashrom has changed between
0.9.1 and 0.9.2 and will change again before flashrom 1.0.
Do not use flashrom in scripts or other automated tools without checking
that your flashrom version won't interpret options in a different way.

   -h | --help                       print this help text
   -R | --version                    print version (release)
   -r | --read <file>                read flash and save to <file>
   -w | --write <file>               write <file> to flash
   -v | --verify <file>              verify flash against <file>
   -E | --erase                      erase flash device
   -V | --verbose                    more verbose output
   -c | --chip <chipname>            probe only for specified flash chip
   -m | --mainboard <[vendor:]part>  override mainboard detection
   -f | --force                      force specific operations (see man
   -n | --noverify                   don't auto-verify
   -l | --layout <file>              read ROM layout from <file>
   -i | --image <name>               only flash image <name> from flash
   -L | --list-supported             print supported devices
   -p | --programmer <name>[:<param>] specify the programmer device
                                     (internal, dummy, nic3com, nicrealtek,
                                     nicsmc1211, gfxnvidia, drkaiser,
                                     it87spi, serprog, buspirate_spi,

You can specify one of -h, -R, -L, -E, -r, -w, -v or no operation.
If no operation is specified, flashrom will only probe for flash chips.

> thanks for your time
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