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Wed Sep 29 01:59:00 CEST 2010

2010/9/26 Cam K <energySpecialties at shaw.ca>

> Hi thanks so much for the reply;

In the future, reply with "reply to all".

> I have no idea how to ask this any other way, and I'm really not sure
> why I would need to :)
> VERY Simply..... HOW or WHERE do I run this utility?
> There is no line that says; do "this" to get the program to run
> that (to me) would be the main requirement of any operating
> instructions. The rest of the page is ONLY helpful if the program is
> running
> frankly we must be on different wavelengths (no offence).... as I HAVE
> read, and tried every thing in all the pages you reference, but NOTHING
> HAPPENS after the loading part. So am I missing something?
> (sudo aptitude install flashrom -in terminal) said it was sucsessful but
> then what?
> I have a folder on my desktop with the flashrom C source code files in
> it as well as text files showing all the information on the webpages
> this clearly ISNT a executable so how do I get it to run in Umbuntu 10.4

Please read the online documentation:

rute is great too: http://linux.2038bug.com/rute-home.html

> here are the answers from your suggestions
> $ flashrom --help $: command not found
> media-desktop:~$ make DESTDIR=/usr install
> make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.
> If I'm not supplying you with the information needed to assist you in
> helping me please ask me directly.
> Again Thanks
> Cam
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