[flashrom] print/print_wiki status updates.

Michael Karcher flashrom at mkarcher.dialup.fu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 24 18:54:06 CET 2010

Am Mittwoch, den 24.03.2010, 04:50 +0100 schrieb Carl-Daniel Hailfinger:
> Patch 2-4 refers to logs with r908/r909. That may be an issue with
> TEST_OK_ERASE and TEST_OK_WRITE since a lot of chips changed
> locking/write since then. I trust you to have checked that.
In fact I didn't check, but we had changes only on
 a) unlocking
 b) FWH-style-command chips

All three patches are about parallel chips (JEDEC commands) that don't
have locking, so that should be OK.

> May I request that you combine patch 6-9 into one commit that has a
> combined changelog? AFAICS those patches are cosmetic and all touch the
> same table. This would reduce the work I have to do when backtracking
> some changes.

> Patch 11... well, if erase is partially broken, do we want
> TEST_BAD_ERASE? OTOH, at least one erase function worked. How do we keep
> track of that issue? Code FIXME comment?
Untested is enough. We already fixed that erase in r934.

> Patch 15 conflicts with my it87spi autodetect removal (I'd have to
> re-add one of the boards to the boards_ok array because they will vanish
> from the board_enable array).
OK, dropped that patch.

> Not sure if combining all board adding patches should be combined into
> one. Your choice.
Still unsure, too. Maybe join reports by the same author. Should I put a
"thank you" into the commit message? Should it contain just the name or
also the email address?

> It would be awesome if you could convert the pastebin links to mailing
> list links by just forwarding the pastebin contents to the list in
> separate messages.

> You have an ack for all patches except patch 15.
> Acked-by: Carl-Daniel Hailfinger <c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net>

  Michael Karcher

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