[flashrom] Flashrom - DOS version report

RayeR rayer at seznam.cz
Wed Mar 24 00:22:08 CET 2010

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
> Ah yes. That's a limitation of the DOS port of flashrom.
> Usually the SB600 SPI base address is near the top of the address space
> (4 GB). On your board it is below 1 MB, and AFAIK Rudolf said that we
> can't map any region below 1 MB as uncached due to CWSDPMI/DJGPP
> limitations.
Acessing memory below 1MB is possible via dosmemput/dosmemget which use 
_dos_ds selector.
About caching - I think it's not a job for DPMI server to set cache 
mode. It's task for BIOS to configure
CPU MTRR. I know that is possible to change cache mode of A0000 window 
for VGA.
CPU has some number of MTRRs that can be set to specific base address, 
size and cache mode.
It's done via rdmsr/wrmsr instruction and it may be CPU vendor specific. 
I know only the intel way...


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