[flashrom] [PATCH] Board enable for ASUS A8N-LA (HP NAGAMI)

Michael Karcher flashrom at mkarcher.dialup.fu-berlin.de
Sun Feb 14 23:54:49 CET 2010

Am Sonntag, den 14.02.2010, 10:15 -0800 schrieb Sean Nelson:
> >> Reversed-engineered board enable for the ASUS A8N-LA. IDs are ISA and SMBus.
> >> Added dmi string to match 3 HP boards: Nagami, Nagami2, Nagami2L.
> > Do these three boards have the same PCI IDs (including subsystem IDs)?
> > If not, you will need to write separate lines for them anyway. If they
> > have the same subsystem IDs, do you expect incompatible boards to have
> > the same subsystem IDs? If not, you don't need the DMI match. Using the
> > subsystem IDs, you can already be sure that you are on a HP system.

> I'm guessing that the subsystem IDs are HP specific,
Of course they are. That's why the subsystem vendor ID is the HP ID.

> and I can't tell if other HP boards used the same chipset or not.
> I know all three use the same board and have slightly different DMI to 
> reflect each machine.
So this is DMI just for safety. Might be sensible. On the other hand, I
intended to use DMI only in emergency cases. Autodection for boards with
DMI strings fails if dmidecode is not available on the target system.

  Michael Karcher

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