[flashrom] [PATCH] fix kontron 986lcd-m and winbond w39v080fa

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Thu Feb 4 03:30:13 CET 2010

On 2/4/10 3:07 AM, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
> On 04.02.2010 01:51, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
>> * get Kontron 986LCD-M recognized by ID detection again. This was apparently broken in r796
> Just a short question: The Kontron 986LCD-M appeared to be running
> coreboot. Is that correct? Quoting from the failure log you sent earlier:
No. The run that requires the IDs are with vendor BIOS. coreboot can
detect the board through coreboot table.

The subsystem IDs are only required when running flashrom on a not yet
migrated board.

I tried not changing the subsystem IDs and simply adding a DMI match
string, but that won't work because the DMI matching code is never
executed because the subsystem vendor ID matching code already decided
it's not a kontron board

> Apparently it finds the Kontron board just fine if the board is running
> coreboot.
> From the above, I guess that Kontron detection fails if the board is
> running classic BIOS. In that case, a verbose run of flashrom (probe is
> enough) on a 986LCD-M with factory BIOS should give us the DMI strings
> we need to match without problems even if coreboot is not running.
See above.

>> * tested SST49LF008A and Winbond W39V080FA
> Thanks. Given that we're currently rewriting probe to be more robust
> (reset before and after probe)
Playing the devils advocate ;-) So then probing will fail if reset
fails, and if probe fails.
Now probe fails only if probe fails. So the code gets more robust by
adding more potential failure points? ;-)

> and Sean's locking patch is just around
> the corner, everything will need to be retested. I plan to commit your
> patch if those rewrites are not committed until early next week.
Don't worry committing the stuff. The patches are out there for those
who need them, that'll be fine until flashrom has a decent locking


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