[flashrom] [PATCH] fix kontron 986lcd-m and winbond w39v080fa

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Thu Feb 4 03:07:18 CET 2010

On 04.02.2010 01:51, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> * get Kontron 986LCD-M recognized by ID detection again. This was apparently broken in r796

Just a short question: The Kontron 986LCD-M appeared to be running
coreboot. Is that correct? Quoting from the failure log you sent earlier:

> flashrom v0.9.1-r2816
> Found candidate at: 00000500-00000510
> Found coreboot table at 0x00000500.
> Found candidate at: 00000000-000009e4
> Found coreboot table at 0x00000000.
> coreboot table found at 0x7f70e000.
> coreboot header(24) checksum: 19e5 table(2532) checksum: 4a78 entries: 17
> Vendor ID: KONTRON, part ID: 986LCD-M
> Found chipset "Intel ICH7/ICH7R", enabling flash write... 
> [...]
> OK.
> Disabling flash write protection for board "Kontron 986LCD-M"... 
> Intel ICH LPC Bridge: Raising GPIO34.
> Intel ICH LPC Bridge: Raising GPIO35.
> OK.
> Calibrating delay loop... 491M loops per second, 100 myus = 206 us. OK.

Apparently it finds the Kontron board just fine if the board is running

>From the above, I guess that Kontron detection fails if the board is
running classic BIOS. In that case, a verbose run of flashrom (probe is
enough) on a 986LCD-M with factory BIOS should give us the DMI strings
we need to match without problems even if coreboot is not running.

> * get Winbond W39V080FA working again. this was apparently broken in r868

Thanks for the patch! Sean Nelson is currently working on a patch which
handles locking in a generic way, and I heard his patch is mostly
finished. Your patch is a good interim solution, but we'd have to revert
it once Sean's patch goes in (which may be even this week). Not sure how
to proceed.

> * tested SST49LF008A and Winbond W39V080FA

Thanks. Given that we're currently rewriting probe to be more robust
(reset before and after probe), and Sean's locking patch is just around
the corner, everything will need to be retested. I plan to commit your
patch if those rewrites are not committed until early next week.


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