[flashrom] JIDA CMOS

Marc Ferland marc at mferland.net
Wed Apr 7 20:48:49 CEST 2010

At Wed, 7 Apr 2010 11:13:01 -0600,
Bill Flanders (wtflanders) wrote:
> Marc,
> Thanks for the info.  Let me know if you hear back from Kontron.  I have
> not yet heard back from my Kontron field support rep.
> The nvramtool seems to work fine WRT my limited testing of it.  I am
> using the Kontron ETXexpress-MC module.
> Did you try it?

Hi Bill,

Yeah tried it. Like you, my testing was limited but not so
successfull. I can read and write to the NVRAM using nvramtool (it
doesn't output any error message so I guess writing was successfull)
but it doesn't seem to have any effect when I reboot.

For example, if I dump the content of the nvram to a file, reboot,
change a couple of settings in the BIOS, rewrite the nvram with the
dumped file, I do not get my old parameters back. It doesn't seem to
have any effect.

These are my observations so far.

BTW, I use the ETXExpress-PC module.



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